Ancient History


Hmmm... let's see...
there was the one across from the park on 15th street that housed Rich, Tate, Brandon and Matt from fall 1996 to spring 1997, I believe that someone frisbee associated lived there the previous year as well, but this was my first year, so I don't really know.

then the following year we moved to 2172 14th street, there were 9 of us, all frisbee players. We lived there from fall 1997 until spring of 2000, a wide assortment of people (all frisbee I think) moving in and out.

after that Vogel and I moved next door to 2174 14th street for a year (I think) and Nicole joined us halfway through. We lived only on the first floor. I believe that the entire house was rented after that by frisbee players...

I don't recall too much past, but there you have it. 1996 through spring 2001 covered.


2115 15th Street was the Original Frisbee House

1995 inhabitants: Terry "Van" Helwig, Drew Wassel, Matt Natale, Brandon "Steets" Steets
Notable achievements: Steets was never allowed to go to STD with the rest of the housemates on Sunday mornings. Instead, he was required to stay home and tape X-Men.

1996 inhabitants: Matt Natale, Brandon "Steets" Steets, Tate Allen, Richard D Sanda III
Notable achievements: Fist Frisbee Thanksgiving held


2117 14th Street

1997 inhabitants:
3rd floor: Tate Allen, Alicia Dunne/Matt Natale
2nd floor: Jim Holmes, Vogel, Laura K. Sanda
Runner-up floor: Dudak/Benny G, iWong, Steet-o, Mike Speath/Rich Sanda
Notable achievements: Woody acquired

1998 inhabitants:
3rd floor: Tate Allen/Mike Vogel, Pete Hale,
2nd floor: Tate Allen/Mike Vogel, Jim Holmes, Laura K. Sanda
Runner-up floor: Reed "The Chin" Conrad, Steet-o, Tom Last_Name, Handsome Andy
Notable achievements: After years of torment from Steets, Near Young finally gets his comeuppance by catching Steet-o in the act of masturbation

And someone can high-five me later for even remembering Dudak's pre-season residence.


And if you guys think Tate and company are the ancient dudes, then I'm probably extinct.
I remember whooping Tate and Steet-O and the rest of the crew around the field when they were freshmen!
To fill in some more history:
1989 - Team was comprised of mostly 5th year archies
1990 - Team was non-existent as most of the team graduated (see above)
1991 - Etkind and I save RPI Frisbee from extinction and swindle the student union out of about $1000 to cover expenses for our team
1992 - We attract some good players and start winning games
1993 - We start winning tourneys and dominating the local colleges, however the entire team is upperclassmen again
1994 - Big transition from the old guys to the young guys and we keep winning
1995 - The first frisbee house.... see below