Sand. Sand Everywhere.

Party theme: Troyality.

DanD's Writeup

There was some cheating Friday night. And by some I mean lots. And it didn't matter what so ever.

There was only one half-assed attempt at a yacht race.

As Jmac said, the alumni gave the currents a drubbing 15-3. Highlights include a lot of terrible throws and Seth scoring. Also a current, Arun Fricker, made a pretty baller 1st throw layout D on Dana. Luckily for us Dana puts on a pretty good mark and with some good end-zone defense down field we got it back.

Mike won 40 hands. Like 3 times over.

A rookie body slammed a table. Repeatedly. For about 2 hours. Still didn't break it.

The Green Jacket was played for on Sunday afternoon and had plenty of drama (sadly on 9 holes, not the 3 round tournament Vogel had originally drawn up).

I was sitting at -2 and had what I thought was an insurmountable 3 stroke lead going into the last hole. After I successfully navigated the tee shot I thought I was in the clear but then disaster stuck. It's too painful of a memory to relive right now but the end result was I ended up with a +4 final hole. Also on a unrelated note Grin, Mike and Eric were disqualified on that hole.

Stefan Dicker (2012) and Nolan Ryan (2014) both at +1 went into the tiebreaker hole. Stefan pulled out a miraculous birdie (never before seen from that distance on 10) to win the green jacket.

Men's Skills (out of 100 points):
Chris Weyers (2009) - 94.04
Dan Donovan (2012) - 82.91
Russ Katz (2014) - 77.84

Biggest pull - Sean Frick (2008) - 252 ft
Biggest TRC - Stefan Dicker (2012) - 125 ft
Best Accuracy - Chris Weyers (2009) - 22 points out of a possible 30

I think this was the first year I ever saw Weyers catch a TRC.
Frick missed the podium by .02

Women's Skills (out of 100 points)
Emma Stoltze (2012) - 73.03
Allie Gambino (2010) - 67.13
Rachel Shayne (year?) - 63.21

Biggest Pull - Becca Ostman (2011) - 164 ft
Biggest TRC - Emma Stoltze (2012) - 68 ft
Best Accuracy - Rachel Shayne (year?)- 14 out of a possible 30

*Allie was 2nd in both the pulling and accuracy and even 4th in TRC but since Emma doubled everyone in the TRC she had a big lead that no one could make up.

Overall the weekend was a blast as always and for all the alumni that missed it, I hope you can make it next year!