Return of the Old Ways

Year: 2009 14th Annual
Organizers: Grin, Bats, Dyer, Mike?
Locations: 1207 Hutton (Friday), Alumni House Basement (Saturday Night)
Friday Night Party: Mission Possible
Saturday Hat Games: The Exploding Bubble Gum, The Ethan Hawkes, That Memorable Action Scene, Tom Cruise’s Fiery Crotch
Saturday Skilz Competition: In a rash attempt to win the skillz competition again, Andrew MacEwan staved off graduation for a semester a la Neal Yung and flamed out miserably, placing well in only distance pull (86 yards).  The overall winners were as follows:

  1.  Batman / Alexis Curry (winners of sac/vag powders)
  2.  Stefan Dicker / Tracy Van Dyk (winners of some little rubber duckies that light and go boo in the dark)
  3.  Nicolotsofotherstuffinyourname Sayovedra (HUGE rubber ducky) / Becca Ostman (THE inflatable guiness chair)
    Saturday Alumni Challenge Game: Old Doods dominated and ended up winning 15-7 in the muddiest f-giving I've ever experienced.

Seth’s Synopsis

So I spent a shit ton of time writing up the history of F-Giving and for all my work I got… one of the best fucking F-Givings to date! My god this was an epic year! If only rating systems were based on body fluids. Everyone threw up… a lot, haha. So let’s just rattle off some of the epicness. Most 40s served at an F-Giving to date. 2nd weekend in November shall forever be F-Giving. Puke dragons are the best dragons. Currents suck and will always suck at everything always, except at partying in hot tubs and being super sassy! Dyer lost his name to Dyer. Max and Jmac box to the death; Max wins. So the party Friday night was a bit wonky. Grin and Bats spent way too much time with all these posters and accouterments to the evening. So much time was spent that they didn’t realize that no one was living in the first floor of 1207 and that it was being renovated! SO what do we do? We jail break that shit and move the party throughout the house. Also, the posters made everyone do a million shots of everything. I personally saw shots of olive oil followed by car bombs, followed by puke dragons. Jennie and I do a naked lap but get stuck at the fence outside and have to naked lap the other way around the house. By this time a human pyramid has erected itself in the front lawn! So imagine being heckled by a multi-headed triangle while your neked. It’s awful… I also dragged Hoff around all night. Hoff then won the entire weekend, at literally everything!

Famous Quotes and Trash Talk before F-Giving

Grin lists all of the fantastic party ideas:
“Here are the theme ideas from the form:

90s pop culture
-Dyer aka "Adam"
mime party.
-Steve Calabrizzle

some star wars shit
-Jay Walker

-Brendan Lambert

plymouth rock party...everyone dresses up like pilrims, indians, turkeys, or other thanksgiving-y things
-Lindsay Ostrander

Hmm. A good place to either test out/recycle wildwood themes. Or not.
I don't know. 

Mel Gibson Characters
-MAx Dyer

I can't think of anything unique enough
-Chris Weyers

wheres the money lebowski?

Bro Rape.
Meal Worms.
War Heroes.
Harold & The Purple Crayon
-Big Mike

Prominent religious and mythical characters.                     

80's TV shows (did we already do this?)
Trailer park
Girls night out (who doesn't want to see me in a skirt?)

-Jordan Snyder

Wizard sticks!         
-I didn't put my name because I am a silly (wo)man and enjoy inhaling the scent of my feces

Popular Youtube Videos       
-I was going to put my name, but the (wo)man above invited me over for some feces-huffing and I forgot


Cowboys and Indians

I still think we should do the Prize theme.
All alums bring a ridiculuosly cool item (preferably one that can be worn) and the currents must perform amazing acts to claim such items.
Alums bring the items currents think of feats.
I shall dubb this theme Smell My Prize Feat!!!

Chem Lab

-Oliver Yang (you would say that, you skinny asian man)

Foam, Beach, Glow in the Dark, Casino Night, Jungle Themed
-Steve Logan

Graffiti party...white shirts & markers?
Blackout or Get Out: This theme is pretty simple. Upon arrival at the door each guest must either shotgun 10 beers consecutively or rip up to 10 shots (preferably of 151). If the person can still feel their limbs, 2 more beers or 2 more shots must be administered. 
...really I got nuthin WABA
-Jennie McKain Bitch!

-John Wysmuller

Missions, blacklight party

-chriz ruiz”

Yeah i want to punk on some current ass definetly.  I think the alumni play ultimate and the currents play some sorta frisbee football.  Probably our faults though cause we taught them everything they know.

R_1 Old Doods shall rape currents back to Disc Hoops. –Seth

The only thing I teach are thumbers and thumbers win games.  Seriously Dandelion it's like a turtle crawled into your brain and kicked the owner out.

We play shut the hell up.
Jennie and Andrew are still current players so if they feel like pulling a Benedict Arnold on the current team, I feel we should construct a bitch-slap line and turn their faces into hand printed hamburger mush.

This isn't facebook you tool!

Also, my love will have to be won, otherwise I'll Benedict Arnold on
someones face


Benedict Arnold
When a sex partner is giving a guy a handjob, the guy ejaculates in their
partners hand, then the partner slaps him across across the face with his
own ejaculation.

-Mike the face! –Jennie

I'll let Dyer (hence forth known as Spare Tire Dyer or STD) do his usual synopsis but I'd just like to thank J-Dubs and Aaron Rowan for showing up and representing the Older/Ancient Doods.  Old Doods dominated and ended up winning 15-7 in the muddiest f-giving I've ever experienced. 

Next year will be the 15th annual F-giving celebration and during the dinner we decided that F-giving will always be held on the 2nd weekend in November from here on out.  This will give everyone plenty of advance notice and hopefully increase turnout.  

j mac

On behalf of all of the currents, I would like to thank all of the alumni who ventured back to RPI to party with us youngins and teach us a few things about ultimate. This F-giving was certainly one to remember (if you were able to) and I’m already looking forward to next year. Keep the tradition alive!

Hey Uglies,

To formally recap events, it was clear that the Alumni were not to be outdone in anything this weekend.  From drinking (Zac, I'm looking at you big fella), to sleeping with your girlfriend to ultimate, it just wasn't going to happen for the currents.


Party - I would have to say that the maelstrom from Kendra upon arriving demanding shots and demanding shots deserves the party victory.  Rumor has it she wanted to party so bad at 5am that she was sprawled all over the floor at 5am rolling around refusing to let people take her away (though the keg was empty), but how would I know this, I was passed out by 230 (Emhof may have rallied by then, you can ask him yourself).

Saturday - It rained on and off all day and we absolutely destroyed Anderson Field, it was a full field slip and slide.

Skillz - In a rash attempt to win the skillz competition again, Andrew MacEwan staved off graduation for a semester a la Neal Yung and flamed out miserably, placing well in only distance pull (86 yards).  The overall winners were as follows:

  1.  Batman / Alexis Curry (winners of sac/vag powders)
  2.  Stefan Dicker / Tracy Van Dyk (winners of some little rubber duckies that light and go boo in the dark)
  3.  Nicolotsofotherstuffinyourname Sayovedra (HUGE rubber ducky) / Becca Ostman (THE inflatable guiness chair)

Alumni Challenge Game - Folks this wasn't close, never was, never should have been and simply wasn't going to be allowed to be.  Bats fired us up and we simply wanted to embarrass them.  We traded sloppy points to 2s and then the alumni decided rain wasn't going to matter.  Fats hit Bats from 25 yards out with a hammer to the corner that Bats calmly strolled beneath with hand on hip and snagged one handed.  Aaron Rowan showed Steve that there is speed after 25 by zipping up the sideline to snag Fats' big huck and hitting Frick in the corner with a laser.  Kendra lit up whoever attempted to cover her and the women scored at will.  Alums took half 8-4 and continued the breakfest to go on to win 15-7.

Dinner - Once again we had a catered dinner, this time in the basement of the Alumni House.  The tables were pushed together into a giants mass of TRUDGEness.  Of note was grover's mint green jacket, god damn that was sexy.

40Hands - The return of mass consumption of 40s was on hand and Seth made sure not to disappoint, delivering with 803420378 40s (I don't know how many, but 5 people made multiple trips bringing them upstairs).  The unveiling of TRUDGE's interpretation of Miley Cyrus - Party in the USA happened and you can look for it coming out soon (DanD, can you upload that to the Yahoo Group or post it somewhere?).  Can someone fill us in on the winner of 40 hands, I left early as usual.

Many thanks to the residents of 1207 Hutton Street for holding the party and to 4th Street dwellers for allowing the mass majority of alumni to wreck your apartment.

Here is the video:


Other highlights from the weekend:


Not 1, but 2 people (Real Dyer and MacEwan) shaved their eyebrows off for an incredible 2 points each.
Multiple people successfully completed the cinnamon challenge (2 tablespoons cinnamon, 0 tablespoons vomit).
Many people made it from the 1207 front porch to beer pong room without their hands touching the ground. One person did this on a laundry machine.
Either lowlight or highlight: everyone was too hammered from the other challenges to successfully complete a yacht race.

Saturday night:
5 year record high on 40 consumption.
Some private acts were done in some very public places.
Any female over the age of 25 cannot abstain from face raping Stefan (probably because he looks like a baby).

Steve hand fed me a 1lb steak covered in the salt of Steve's tears of shame.
Mike and Rachel successfully do about 30 shots, the highlights of which include butter, everclear, and an assortment of sauces.
Grin loses rosham black out to Real Dyer and Stefan, proceeds to chug everclear, and successfully blacked out about an hour later.

Dearest Max Real Dyer,

Thought I'd let you know what you're getting yourself into by inheriting such a surname:

Here is a list of places I have sullied the Dyer name in:
Troy, NY
Albany, NY
New York City, NY
Buffalo, NY
Erie, PA
Los Angeles, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Santa Barbara, CA
Chico, CA
Fresno, CA
Davis, CA
San Francisco, CA
Oakland, CA
Berkeley, CA (just avoid California altogether)
Boston, MA (not through the ultimate community, so you may have a chance here)

Also, don't even think of going to Fort Ticonderoga, the Dyer name is banned there:

You're fighting an uphill battle, but I'm sure you'll win, because shaving one eyebrow is twice as good as when I shaved both:

Don't worry little buddy, we're all in this together,
Spare Tire Dyer

P.S. - You're so clever with that STD acronym
P.P.S. - Have you died yet?  You were approximately this color on the fields on Saturday:



Jon successfully scores points for his team by boot-n-rallying all over one particular old dude.
Around 5 people manage to blackout before 11 but still stay up til' 4AM.

Baby faces become stylish

All Old Doods fail at Frolf.

More additions: Zac and DanD pwned all in points and in the jack of all trades: tying for the win in the Jack of all trades (18 events each) (sorry Zac, JMac won pee tree), and getting a combined 70 points (out of their team’s 81).  Which was more than Exploding Bubble Gum’s entire team (60 I think) and only 8 short of That Memorable Action Scene’s total.
In the spirit of full disclosure I did have an advantage since I had to stay sober till after 12, and Zac’s 18 events were much more impressive than mine. 

Thursday night: Hoff picks robb up at airport, partying at casa de fat ensues until hoff and robb blackout and switch beds somehow. My first deathcup experience, getting second (this is also when I blacked out).

Every other day: every house that we went to was destroyed. Thank you for everyone that supplied said houses, we love you and are very sorry. You are invited to my apartment whenever you come to Colorado (I will assume for most people this is never because it is too far for your poor asses).

(Sunday: Robb gets to wake and steak and convinces people to do mystery shot and then ro-sham black out (I was in this too, I just won fast and helped grin))

Also, Max won the first inaugural boxing match by a score of 20-17 over myself, although I did give him a hell of a shot to the head in the third round.

Robb broke death cup. – Marge

More Stats of F-Giving 2009:
-At one point in the night 3 people were huddled around the downstairs sink taking turns at vomiting... hilarious to watch.
Jmac and Mike take shots of olive oil and then do a car bomb with me and then agree to upchuckbuguck... hilarious to watch.
Yoon puke dragoned Jmac.  I did not see this occur, but... hilarious to watch.
Most vomitty party ever!
-Almost bageled the other team at survivor flip cup.  Zac decided that his team didnt deserve the humiliation of a neked lap so for the last round he decided to pull one from my book and go one cup short... respectable? Ill let you decide...
-Regrets: No yaht race BOOOO! Didnt finish survivor flip cup.
Alum vs Current Death Cup match.  12 people played. It came down to Sweeney and I with the currents at a distinct advantage.  Sweeney got extremely unlucky on one roll and proceeded to miss every shot from there on out.  Alumni Victory!!!
Jennie does three 40s... thats pretty much all I need to say, it wasnt pleasant haha.
Wake and Lobster!
BSG with black out Mike... Awesome game until the end after Mike culminates his evening with his 30th shot.  Mike was annoying... and he won.
Over the weekend, the fat house consumed about a dozen pies from I loves.  I havent pooped yet...
I also vote Jennie for MVP of saturdays game with 5 scores, 3 Ds, 2 Assists, no throw aways, and only dropping the disk once.
Wooooooot!  Cant wait till next year!   GET A NEW F-HOUSE!!!  Any pictures taken I would like to add them to the picture DVD, so talk to me and we can figure out how I can get them.

If my penis goes into something, it becomes old. –Seth

Things that are apparently (or at least likely) old:
Seth's hand
Countless boardgame boxes
Mike's butt
All the death cup shot glasses

Thinks I love about this past F-Giving, which was by far my favoritest.  

Thursday: DOUBLE-BEE!  I missed this kid so much!  Then proceed to blackout on Genesee, Labatt, and Jager, then somehow switch beds with Robb in the middle of the night.  How does this happen?  

Friday: Waking up to being molested by tracy and sean (no homo), followed promptly by chili dogs at 10:30am.  That night, I popped my Wing Burger cherry at the Ruck, then promptly blacked out once I suckled from the nectar of Ubu at 1207.  This was at 10:45pm.  I somehow wake up spooning with Mitch.  

Saturday: I vomit on the field.  Multiple times.  Then catch the winning point in the alumni-current game after ruining my perfectly clean Trudge hoodie.  Breakfast for me was at 7:15pm while feasting with the bestest of peoples I know.

Saturday Night: completely not working towards a 2nd victory in Edward 40 Hands, I somehow find myself with a 3rd of a 40 left, and only JMac to compete with.  We begin chugging as quickly as possible, and I come out on top, albeit by only a few seconds.  It was then that JMac proceeded to baste the floor and couch of 1207 with some mixture of turkey, corn, stuffing, apple pie, smashed potatoes, and malt liquor.  I savor this victory.  The entire night was a complete blast.  

Sunday: Mitch cooks me possibly the largest steak I have ever had the chance to nibble on.  It was fucking epic.  SHOTS.  Then I almost hit a deer on the 90.  

That was so fucking good.  I love you all.

I believe some late points should be rewarded to Batman's f-giving
team for not only successfully stealing my phone and changing numbers
in my phonebook, but also causing me to drunk dial my mother while
borderline blackout
-New Dyer

Steets - upon completion of seths f-giving sagas (they were fucking 
long) I have decided to take upon myself the challenge of beating your 
longest pee record of 2mins 12seconds. My training shall henceforth 
commence in the hills if the peealayas with the infamous monks of 
unrine. I expect to see my $20 prize as promised in person come next 

-Dr. P