The Year of the Drunken Wizard

Year: 2008 13th Annual
Organizers: Grin, Dyer, Zac (Kinda?)
Locations: F-House 2233 14th St. Sage Hall for Dinner
Friday Night Party: Wizard Sticks -
Wizard Stick award, as presented by Jeremy "I'm Batman" Kauffman, to Steve Calabrese after narrowingly defeating Seth Stewart in the wee hours after a long battle.
Saturday Hat Games: No idea? Way too drunk…
Saturday Skilz Competition:
Distance Pull - Sean Frick (83), Marguerite Roth (59)
Throw Run Catch - Andrew MacEwan (53), Alexis Curry (19)
Accuracy - Jennie McKain
Overall - Andrew MacEwan, Jennie McKain
Sean Frick gave away sweet ass engraved pint glasses!
Saturday Alumni Challenge Game: Old Doods 13 – Currents 15
MVP for currents: Chris Weyers, Kendra Kreuger (as voted by the alumni) Chris, you weren't there so we awarded it to Chris Ruiz, who is no doubt better at all aspects of life than you, chiefly, showing up for dinner.
40Hands Winner: The Hoff

JDubs: , username: trudge, password: sludge

Seth’s Synopsis

The 2008 F-Giving started off promising with an epically RPI-esque theme, but ended downright depressingly. Most new alums really wanted to make up for the previous year, which wasn’t great, mainly because all the Ancient Doods hung out by themselves away from the currents. LAAAME!!! So a lot of chatter happened on the trudge list before F-Giving occurred. So my synopsis… Friday night was a race to become the most legendary of all drunken wizards by growing the longest wizard’s stick. Many debaucheries and shatterings of virgin souls later, yours truly overcame the odds and had reached the pinnacle of all that is Wizardy. Yes, I had become a Level 20 Wizard!!! And didn’t cheat to get there. And because of this second part I agreed to rosham against Steve for winning the party. BAAAAAAH!!! Steve is a dick! Needless to say Bats epic prize went to Steve. Little known fact: I didn’t even know what I had lost till about 6 months later when bats showed me the Wizard picture.
On another disappointing note, Chris Ruiz was the only Alum older than I at the party and he definitely had the “WTF am I doing here” look on his face for most of the night.
Onto Saturday… POOOP! Old Doods lost!!! I blame Jennie and her small hands that smell like cabbage! She better do better this year or better, better, better, etc.
I almost won the TRC for the first time ever in my drunken one sock footed running rage sauce, but I slipped and fell on my face…
Saturday night food was good as usual and no one wanted to play my sweet ass game, Possession, so instead we went to Clean House and had probably the lamest night ever, due to the Cleanliness of that shit hole.
Now I started with ’08 because it was lame and everyone knows it was lame and that is why this year will be the bestest year ever and I will prove to you that it will be the bestest year ever as we slowly go back in time to the very great years of the traditions of FRISBEE THANKSGIVING!!!

Famous Quotes and Trash Talk before F-Giving

“Boner Toast… ahahahaha!” –seth

“F-Givings of 2003 and 2004:
Alumni rock mohawks and own young dudes while completely hammered. Smash various bottles most places and pee everywhere else. Engage in hot sauce chugging, turtle races, and hooking up with Jess Seager.

F-Givings of 2005 and 2006 (and 2007, from what I hear):
Old dudes turn lose to young dudes sober and barely show up at party. Hit late 20s and suffered age-induced-female-genitalia-transmogrophication (last thing isn't a word) (basically they're all old vaginas). Seem uncomfortable around younger folks and their malted liquours. Conversation centers around stocks, possibly bonds.

Can we get more like 2004 pls? I mean, I'll be peeing everywhere regardless, but it's more fun when you're playing swords.”


“1. Eat like Vikings this year. Pull all the tables together - none of this 6 at a table crap. Engineer yourself up some max occupancy at joined round tables - if the alumni hall can provide long tables, all the better for pulling them together.

  1. Booz before dinner. Heavily. After as well.
  2. Was it last year or the year before that I won the green jacket in frisbee golf? There's a slip of paper in the inside pocket. Whoever wins, record the important facts. Poulos winning the green jacket? "If I was there.." you're thinking. pff For the record, I might have been the most sober .. ? .. which isn't saying much.
  3. "Seth and JMac were the oldest ppl there on Saturday." For the record, JMac may be older than me? Not sure about Seth. I remember Saturday as I was the one (with .. Chris Ruiz? someone else.. hmm..) delivering and drinking the 40z. That was weak though, I agree. Don't let them hide. Some good things happened on Friday.”


“Other alums,
Get off your asses and come out to thrash these upstarts.

Current team,
Prepare to get served. I vow to beat each of you at something over the course of the weekend. I might be old but I will uphold the tradition of alums out everything-ing the current crop, you spineless cowards. Do we still have the rookies dress up for dinner? If so, think of something hilarious, lest I beat you at that too.

Prediction: Ruiz hucks to a drunk Adam, who skies some freshman for the win.”


“we need to acknowledge that the ones who did most of the planning and really led the team before have decided to change. It sucks, but that’s what it is. This weekend is not a good situation playing-wise (i.e. – Tracy is the only alumna), but we’ll make do (which might mean changes to how we do it). At some point this tradition started out like it is now, with fewer alumni than currents, so it might as well cycle around again.

I think it is important that we let the older alums sit it out and hopefully we can make some alterations that would get them to come back and continue this great tradition. If you have suggestions please speak up, because frankly I suck at this and I don’t want it to go away. Eventually we are going to be in their shoes and we’ll be getting heckled for it.”