The Year The Old Doods Were Defeated!

Year: 2005 10th Annual
Organizers: Vogel, Tate, Zac, Linda
Locations: Sage Hall (Dinner), F-House 2233 14th St. (Friday and Saturday)
Friday Night Party: Rubix Cube Madness
Saturday Hat Games:
Teams: KittyShowoff, GiveMeMyPantsBack, SheltonRexorSex, NekkidCrowYoga
Saturday Skilz Competition: ?
Saturday Alumni Challenge Game: Curents 15 – Old Doods 10
Joseph Chapman’s Photos:

Seth’s Synopsis

Oh 2005!!!! KHAAAAAAAAN!!! 2005 was my first year as an Old Dood and the first year the Old Doods lost. I also almost did not come to this year as I was in the real world and thinking about severing my contacts with the college ways, boy was I craaaazy!!! This F-Giving did spark that college fire that I had thought I lost. Oh my was I ready for some 40s action. 2005 was also the last year where there was an insane amount of Old Doods showing up. On a more somber note, an esteemed Old Lady, Linda Casill, was suffering from Breast Cancer and as a family we all tried to pitch in some monies to help out the Susan G Komen Foundation. Soon after, Linda went into remission, due mostly to the insane amount of fun she had at F-Giving. Friday night was the amazing Rubix Cube Party, which was just down right wholesome fun with lots of nekkidness. Old Doods lost in what many consider a titanic upset. Dinner was delicious with Dyer throwing around a fake penis (was wrong about year being 2007). Many people consumed massive amounts of whipped cream! Greg Sanda proved that a ninja is truly only as powerful as his windup. 40s! This was the last year where Edward 40s hands was epic! All the alums showed up and brought like 5 million 40s. Mike being the fat drinking man that he is wanted to one up the Old Doods with his drinking prowess and chugged his first 40. GROOOOOSSSSSSSS! Then proceded to sip his second finishing Edward 40 hands in a little over 5 minutes. Nuts!!! He didn’t look so great afterwards, didn’t talk much for the rest of the night, and possible lost a few years off of his life, but probably worth it? Two Words, Chimney Peeing. The End!!! Kendra has good stories which she should tell.

Mike's Synopsis

After shaming the alumni with my drinking ability, I was free to roam the house with two free hands, mostly used to point and/or laugh at the inept alumni who were at this point completely sauced. Unlike the night before (in which I did pass out on the top of the loft), I was barely intoxicated and stayed awake the entire night, being the only rookie to participate in frolf.

The frolf game involved only ~6 people, Jmac, myself and the rest being old doods. We played the entire 18 holes, and I used Dyer’s brand new TRUDGE disc (which he realized about half-way through the game). Unfortunately I can’t remember the old dudes besides Dyer and Vogel (this was my first night meeting any of them, and I am terrible with names)—may have been Hale and a Sanda. I think I distinctly remember Pete Hale sipping a 5th of Jack the entire time. We were stopped by public safety somewhere after the 12th hole because they could see our discs from 8th street.

Famous Quotes and Trash Talk before F-Giving

“Thanksgiving REVOLUTION!

I'm starting to get a little pumped. It's a feeling that starts in my
loins/genitals/balls and spreads slowly to other, less public, parts of my body.

Fiscal year after fiscal year, Frisbar Thanksgiving proves to be the most
profitable weekend of the fiscal year. It's my firm belief that we should strive
for nothing less this fiscal year. In fact I think we should try to outdo
everything that's been done in the past. I'm looking for nothing shy of a
complete Thanksgiving Revolution.

As the awesome social committee, Vogel and I are soliciting suggestions for
activities throughout the weekend. If there's a different tournament format that
makes more sense, speak up. If there are any games/activites/competitions you've
been dying to do or introduce to the party, speak up. If there is a better way
to get more people involved with the frisbee olympics, speak up. If there is an
entire party theme that we could do to make things more insane, speak up. All
ideas welcome. Even bad ideas can be made into good ones. Take the fence pee
idea. Bad idea = good times.

Just pop me an email @ tgiving_revolution@.... Seriously. I set up an email
alias JUST FOR THIS because it's that IMPORTANT. Did you see my use of CAPS in
the last sentence? I am not "fucking around here", as they say.



“so do we need a date these days to get invited to this thing?
any single hotties out there looking for love? (i'm looking in your
direction, steets.)

for the record:

tate, you're going to be the first one in line to unzip my pants when i have
to piss during edward 40-hands. :)”

“Last tournament?? Are you forgetting the ass pounding you will all be
receiving (from Steets) on November 12?? We (alumni) will also be
beating you all at frisbee.”

“OH BURN do you need some aloe?

Frankly, I think this year's Trudge team is so devoid of talent that
adding 2 Corporal Cloggs would probably double their talent and point
total (from 1-2) against us alumns.
-Joe Schliffer

RPI still has a frisbee team?

Don’t worry ladies; the current players will put up a good showing. Now that we’ve stripped the fat (read stokes, schliffer, fink, spaeth, …) off the team, we actually have a winning record this year.”

J Mac

“how come i gotta be on tates team? if there was one person i didn't want to play with, it would be him. i hate you vogel, now there are two people I don't want to play with!

Tate, you still suck, can't wait to look you off on saturday.”


“I think they are too caught up trying to solve "Jeremy
MacNamara/Kauffman and the Mystery of the Missing Thanksgiving Trash
Talk/Set of Testicles" to field any kind of coherent team.”


“All Matt Stoke's Breasts Are Belong To Alden!!!!!! Yours too Steets... In fact that goes for all breasts attending Thanksgiving!”

“thanks to everyone who helped make this year's thanksgiving reunion
possible. and thanks to the current players and pete who graciously host us
dirty old alums each year. this year's team looks good, and i'll be
interested to see how you fare at regionals this year. best of luck.

one other thing i wanted to add was that my company is looking to hire
environmental or civil (w/ environmental focus) engineers, so send resumes
my way if interested.

PS voge, take care of the green master's jacket for me until next year when
i get to parade around in it at fri night's party and defend the title.
maybe you could even bring to reed's wedding in march?
PPS current players, here's your chance to be voge's hero. in my
post-edward-40-hands stupor, i left my ceramic "my hero" mug on the window
sill behind your kitchen sink. enjoy.
PPS hale, there's a beautiful brown suit and a very gay red pair of
"princess" shorts and a yellow blouse that i left for you in the guest
bedroom. enjoy.

good times.

oh, and adam, thanks for not taking any pics of me during fri night's rubics
cube party.”


“yeah steeto, i'll do my best to preserve that stink you gave to my jacket.
of course, i mean the stale-40z stench you gave it from pouring 10 ounces
of 40 over your head while climbing to the roof. my car smells beautiful,

(yes, i said my green jacket, bitch.)”

“a big thanks to all of the currents who kicked our ass and put us up at their houses.
no urine in the grates this year tho!”


“why didn't anyone tell me my ass looked that good in those red princess
shorts? thanks for noticing, maura. i totally agree. and sanda, next time
please keep your chest off my hand.

PS adam, while we did manage to prevent the grate peeing this year, there
did appear to be a little chimney peeing going on...”

“In the most amazing game in the history of ultimate, the current player destroyed the alums by a score of 15-10. It still brings a tear to my eye thinking of it.”

J Mac

“Just wanted to let everyone know that we collected $750 over the weekend to
donate to breast cancer research in support of Linda's team in the Susan G.
Komen New Jersey Race for the Cure! Thanks to everyone for chipping in on
this fantastic show of support! (And for anyone still wanting to make a
donation, there's still a short time left, so just let me know.)

One potential problem: we were hoping to convince RPI to match our
donation, but at this point we aren't overly optimistic about that
happening. So now we're hoping that someone on this list might work for a
company that has a standard donation-matching policy? Please let me know
(as soon as possible) if your employer does this and if you'd be willing to
be the middle-man (this might mean a tax advantage for you?).

Again, nice work everyone!

And while I'm at it, thanks one more time to everyone for making the
weekend a great one! Great parties, great ultimate, great times...”