The Year Dyer Ate Zac’s Meat

Year: 2007 12th Annual
Organizers: Adam Dyer + Jmac + Vogel (a little)
Locations: F-House 2233 14th St. Sage Hall for Dinner
Friday Night Party: 90’s Pop Culture = Dyer’s Lame Ass Idea
“Linda owned Zac in the Boat Races, somehow Zac ended up with a pitcher of beer all over himself. Craig gave Tate and the ceiling a free Oatmeal Stout tasting. Greg Sanda failed to arrive at the party, something about booting on the sidewalk at Fritz's house. Vogel won the downstairs skills competition as expected.”
Saturday Hat Games:
Van deLay Industries beat Bayside High 7-2 and NO Ma'am 7-5
NO Ma'am beat Homey Sock 7-6
Homey Sock vs. Bayside High, ?
Saturday Skilz Competition:
Throw for Distance: Tate (91), Alexis Curry (54)
Throw Run Catch: Jon Heslin (39), ???? (14)
Accuracy: Jon Fink/Sean Frick, Tina Fink/Jennie McKain
Overall: Sean Frick, Tina Fink
Saturday Alumni Challenge Game: Old Doods Win 15 – 14
“Close the entire game with the Currents holding a 1 to 3 point advantage until the final outcome, Alums getting two consecutive breaks. Vogel's mark gets a critical stalled disc near the goal line and the Alums work it back up to Tina Fink (I believe) for the win on universe. Greg Sanda receives first annual most improved alumni award.”

Robb’s Photos:
J-Dubbs Photos:

Seth’s Synopsis

2007 was a fun year, but also showed the decline of the Ancient Doods attendance. Adam Dyer ranted like a madman from his castle in Cali and clearly missed trudges beautiful Bahamian bodies. Strange thing is he bailed Saturday night to go see friends in Albany!! LAAAAME!!! So, back to F-Giving 2007… The Friday Night theme was 90’s Culture, WTF! Blame Dyer. Everyone backed my idea of Suck Up or Shut Up, but alas I did not bug people enough. So lets just say there was no theme really for the sake of arguments. I think people tried to dress up like people did in the 90’s or something but really flannel and popped collars was what we got. Now onto the winner of the party! Rich Sanda, who ripped off his shirt jumped on the blow pong table, preceded to poor a pitcher of beer on his nakedness and screamed, “SLAP MY BELLY!!!” I’d say about 50 people gathered around to feel up that hotness, pouring more beer and cheering into the night! Saturday play is a blur like always, but I do believe my sweet ass got one of the winning points by outright outclassing fat poopy mike. POOPY POOPY!!! Vogel was a freakin allstar! Dyer was skinny and clearly had been working out for 4 hours everyday for the last year to prove that he wasn’t a fatty. Greg Sanda didn’t suck! Onto dinner, don’t remember it, but it was awesome! We did the weigh in weigh out contest where I believe Zac, Tate, Mike, Myself, or Fritz won. We all won in some way. Vogel looked like a leprechaun rapist. Dyer attempted to insert a fake penis into everyones everything, which was actually pretty hilarious.
After dinner was laaaame. Mike had to one up himself from last year and ended up drinking like 12 40s or something. No alumni showed up except for Ruiz and Poulos and I think they left right after they finished. Bah! Sunday Zac fed Dyer his wake and steak from his man boobs… the end!

Famous Quotes and Trash Talk before F-Giving

“Listen bitches.

As I so plainly have whined about through the years, I have never won an alumni game (I am one of the three that haven't). That ends this year. I will dominate you little fuckers once and for all. Bristling with brass knuckles I will end my torture by breaking your knee caps with my nasty lefty flick.”

“I've been getting all Rocky Balboa and John Rambo'ed up this year. You young ball creamers are going down faster than Jon Fink's pants.”
-stokes n' shit

“everyone knows that Vogel = frisbee thanksgiving.”

“Doop dee doop dee blahblahblah.

That’s all I hear when Dyer emails the list.”

“Considering how quiet the email list is, you might wonder if Ultimate is even still alive at RPI.

Know this. I subscribed to the RPI Ultimate email list and it was terrifying. I knew I would get a lot of emails, but I thought I would be able to skim the cream off the top to learn some meaningful information about what was going on there. What I learned is that if you were to scrape away the protective layer of the email list server, it would be like running over a ground hornet's nest with a push lawn-mower. I swear the experience rotted my brain.

However, Ultimate at RPI appears to be alive and well. I can make no claims for their organization, but if you were to show up for the thanksgiving weekend, it seems like they have the numbers and energy to make it a "go."

In hindsight, the only useful bit of information that my brain stored away from the emails involved a bet that someone would have to cook a steak on Saturday or Sunday morning for someone else. This intrigues me.”

-Adam Poulos

“It is nigh time for us Old Doods to fashion a woopins upon the current trudglets. The date is set, the party is being planned, and now officially I declare the poo flinging insults to fly. Boast, Roast, and Toast to the '07 Alumni-Current F-Giving game predictions!”


“I would like to propose a party idea for thanksgiving. It shall be called the suck up or shut up party. The idea is every alumni brings a ridiculous item that can be worn or more appropriately flaunted. The current player who most impresses (sucks up) to each alumni thus gets adorned by said Old Dood's item. This little game will go along with the standard yaht race and hopefully survivor flip cup and beer pong games to decide for team placement and winners of the party. I also propose team names be favorite porn star, because dammit we watch enough dont we?!?!”


“speaking of websites that make me laugh, check out how trudge includes the results of the last two alumni games with their overall results/history . looks like they forgot about the 8 preceding alumni games. i can't wait to smack-down/top-shelf that bunch of fitzgeralds, nathan.”


“Choose to Make Dinner a Sport

Oh... and another brilliant effing idea (frankly I'm full of them).
We're going to transform dinner from an activity to a god damn sport.

We need exactly 1 thing to make this happen. We need a scale.

We're going to do a weigh-in and weigh-out to see who gained the most
weight over dinner.
Zach, I hear you are fat. Fat people usually have scales to keep track
of how fat they are. It is your job to make sure there is a scale at
dinner. Vogel will bring the spreadsheets to keep track.

You can use whatever strategy you want (puke beforehand, tons of
liquids, hold in your pee, whatever). The only rule is that the weight
gain must be internal only. You must step on the scale for weigh-out
with an empty mouth and nothing else on your external person that you
didn't have when you weighed in. Any asshat can be a Barry Bonds,
strive to be a true champion and win without an asterisk.”