Fgiving 23 - Emergency Services



Here's my official account of Fgiving 2018 for posterity. Ariel added some stuff.

This was my fifth Fgiving overall (my first as an alum) and I loved every minute of it. A big shout out to Charles, Tibbers, Sklar, and Steve for doing all the organizing. Additional credit goes to Ariel for letting me stay at her place even though she didn’t sleep there either night. Also, there are five people with Strut/Trudge tattoos now (Awhole, Andrea, Charles, Yvonne, and Sacha) and I think that’s awesome.


I had a late lunch on Friday instead of pre-forty hands dinner, and that was a mistake. Here’s what I do remember from the party:


My goals for the fields were to not embarrass myself, place in the top three of the ladies pull contest, and to get the Strut rookies to do the skills competition. I managed to do the last two,
so I’ll call that a win. One of the Strut rookies got a nosebleed mid-point and had to come off the field. Amy triaged it nicely with a tampon. We did pictures in the wrong order and I’m surprised by how okay with it the rookies were. Where can I find the rookie butts picture from 2015?

Irish coffee after dinner turned out to be a great idea. So was coffee with ice cream in it.

The Saturday night party was quite a lot of fun and was WAY less destructive than usual. Having “break down a door” be a challenge was a terrible idea, but other than that door and the amount of shredded cheese ground into the carpet, the house went pretty unscathed. When the challenges were given out, most of the other alumni on the Firefighters weren’t there yet so we got out to a late start. That being said, I guess we won?

My memory of Saturday night isn’t as bad as Friday night’s was, but I still don’t remember all of it:

I blame Ariel for my not going to frolf on Sunday. She didn’t get back from Steve’s until it was almost time for me to leave for the airport.

Someone from the AirBnb should add something because I wasn’t there, but it needs to be noted that Ian both shotgunned a raw egg and did a line of Emergen-C.


It all started late Thursday night/early Friday morning. I flew in at 10:30pm and I got picked up by Garrett, his wife, and Charles coming home from indoor league. We got back to Troy and entered the rental house I got. Cylon showed up shortly thereafter and it was time to head to the Ruck. Several bundys later and I blacked in at my old room in fhouse to a very sleepy and confused Makayla. I don't know how long I stayed there but the next thing I remember was waking up next to charles in the master bedroom of the house feeling like my brain had turned into cement. I blinked away the pain and got up to shower and immediately vomited. Friday proceeded roughly the same way for me as Cylon pretended to do his work and braved the cold to get me pedialyte. around 5pm it was time to migrate to fhouse and get 40s and andre. Stove knobs were already gone. We decided on doing 40 hands on Friday this year. Some other alumni were drinking in fhouse and currents were in their rooms weirdly ignoring us. Maybe mentally bracing themselves for the weekend, I don't know. I was still in no condition to drink so I taped people up and introduced myself to the currents when they finally got to the house. a bunch of people started to drink early and the game was underway. Jmac allegedly won. The upstairs became completely soaked in vomit because the currents proved once again that they are not as good at drinking as alumni are. Adam Alper was not amused. Cut to Saturday morning. Step and Dand made 31 eggs and bacon at the rental house before frisbee (what a pair of lads). Frisbee was on lower renwyck this year. We had lots of leftover malt liquor and champagne; charles ordered 200 40's and 100 andres. Needless to say brass monkeys were a popular drink at the fields. I wore my cat onesie and team firefighters perfected the stop-drop-and-roll cheer. Zac showed up with an igloo full of hot chocolate. The weather was cold--high 30s--but dry and sunny. We had a fancy new accuracy board to play with. I didn't catch my TRC or KRC (kick-run-catch) attempt but at least I looked good laying out in the onesie. Emet pioneered his new TRKRC and caught one for 100 feet. EMTs won the hat tournament. The alumni-currents game was even more of a joke than usual, we won it 15-2. Everybody went up on the hill for pictures and the rookies were hesitant to show butt (why? it's not like your faces are in the picture). After a quick shower and a fungal snack it was off to the traditional fgiving dinner at sage upstairs. Step and ben couldn't make it for totally non-drug related reasons. After the usual fare charles and I stepped on to the stage and everyone clapped at us for no reason. I don't know why but it was awesome. We decided to take a crack at presenting the skills competition announcements, which neither of us had prepared for and I was definitely feeling like a fun guy. Russ stepped in and did a great job as MC. Grin and Emily Heath were the respective male and female overall winners although Grin's score is definitely suspect. Dand probably actually won. Top rookies were Amy F. and Jesse Hartman. Jesse was not there to accept his prize so it went to Casey. Neither were sure about getting the tattoo (but Amy was at least a little intrigued). After obtaining a group photo and snagging the leftovers, it was time to change back into costume and do the theme party at fhouse. The theme was first responders and the four teams were firefighters, cops, EMTs, and FEMA. The currents were found looking at a keg like it was some sort of wounded animal. charles and I "gently" encouraged them to start drinking it. The theme challenges went out around 9:45 and then all hell broke loose. beers were shotgunned, boats were raced, doors were broken down. disasters happened periodically and teams were playing each other in crossfire, disc races, etc. I played the most interesting game of elimination blow pong in my entire life and lost to a current. Dingo informed me that he had made two additional copies of the "break down a door" challenge so I went to find and destroy the other two so that fhouse would not be doorless in the morning. russ found one for me and ate it. I ripped the other up. But still, the one broken door was put on sawhorses and used for death cup. Ingenuity! "Stir fry" by Migos played and we all danced with our dogs in the night time. At one point I think I walked in on two people having sex in the basement (gross). Sunday it was off to play frolf and basically no one showed up. Me and Ben tied for the lead with +5 but we didn't even feel like playing the tiebreaker because it was too damn cold.

-FGiving XXIII as told by Tibbers

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