The Year Seth Learned to Pee Hot Sauce From His Anus

Year: 2004 9th Annual
Organizers: Tate (Friday), Valentina + Jon Fink (Saturday), Rich Alimi (Dinner),
Locations: Sage Hall (Dinner), F-House 2233 14th St. (Friday and Saturday)
Friday Night Party: Destroy the New F-House
Saturday Hat Games:
Teams: Paraplegic Pirates, Wheelchair Cowboys, Midget Rodeo, Crippled Circus
Saturday Skilz Competition:
Throw for Distance: ?
Throw Run Catch: ?
Accuracy: ?
Overall: ?
Saturday Alumni Challenge Game: Old Doods 15 – Currents 13

Seth’s Synopsis

2004 was amazing. The absolute craziest fucking things I have ever seen happened Friday night. The Alumni game was close as hell. It was the first F-Giving at the new F-House on 2233 14th St. It was the first year we did a catered feast on Saturday. It was a weekend of firsts! Ok so imagine a bunch of old guys sparked by a few good memories of hurting their innards whilst attempting to compete in peetastic games of madness. All of these Pee Hungry Old Doods descend upon Troy in a mad dash to destroy this new land that we call 2233 14th st. What followed can only be described as a debacle of infinite fury!

Two kegs, a clean house, 60 Trudgers equals:

  1. Pee in every orifice of the house, grate, faucet, mouths, cereal boxes, 40s, light fixtures, cat’s urethras. You name it Steets + Tate peed in/on/around it.

  2. The Chew/Seasoning Story: OK from what I can remember. Steets, Tate, and someone else tall (BennyG or RichS?) were peeing around the beer pong table when one of them starts eating pizza seasoning from one of those big ass bulk containers. Another of the 3 is got this huge ass wad of chew and is munching away. An argument ensues, probably do to a friendly fire pee attack. From about 6 feet away the wad chewer launches the chew into the air and it lands in the 5 inch wide seasoning container! What? Insane? Oh but there is more! To one up the chew launcher the seasoning eater takes the container, tips it back, lets the funky seasoned chew wad fall into his gullet and proceeds to chew and swallow the chew!!! My fucking lord! Made him look like a dick. Im pretty sure I was just jacking off in the corner to this godlike exchange.

  3. An elegant conversation brews up amongst the crowd about chili. Soon after one of the people living at F-House pulls out a chili extract that weighs in at around 2 million scoval. Being the ridiculious manly men that we trudge are, we just had to prove our meddle against this hot beast. Soon this bottle was being passed around the party. Most breathed it in and knew that this was not the way they wanted to go out. The bottle soon found its way to Mr. Rich Sanda. With a lick and a small sip he was proving his manitude. Being the official “Beer Captain” of trudge, I stepped up to the challenge with a table spoon in one hand and a bird in the other. LETS DO THIS!!! I filled the spoon. I ate the spoon. I drank from the bottle and then I gloated… for about a minute. THEN! I turned beat red, started to sweat profusely, teared up, ran to the kitchen dunked my head into the funky sink, ran around the party freakin out, breathing hard, fire all over my face, lips, nose… Please anything, oh god give me a sign, how do I make it stop?!?!?! A shiny god appeared with a jar of peanut butter. Eat this my child, for it shall sooth you. And my god it did. So I began to smear it all over my head. Thank you Batman!!

  4. Nose Bleed/Wall Pong/Break Yo Fuckin Face! See below.

  5. Many other insane things happened this night, because the house was absolutely went from an apartment to F-House in one evening. Alas, I cannot regail you any further, my memory is not what it used to be.

Saturday was kickass. I think I missed it completely. Dinner was amazing. The union wouldn’t let us drink wine, which was a staple in years past, but the lack of having to make all the damn food made up for it. Saturday Night 40 hands! Pete Hale! Pete Hale, that glorious man. He promised he was going to get a little rowdy and he did oh yes he did. But before I get to that, I would like to mention the all inspiring half way 40 pee. Once the first 40 is finished, an Old Dood will courteously ask a current girl hottie to slowly and seductively slide down the zipper, so as to allow the Old Dood to replace his empty 40s contents with his own alcoholic brew. Don’t drink the warm one! Back to Hale! Upon his completion of 40s deliciousness, he felt a little impatient about getting out of his self imposed entrapment, so he took his 40ed hands and smashed them together with delightful glee and let it rain down upon the gathered people of F-House as he was atop looking down. Im spent! Thus endeth my favorite of F-Givings. I hope that this year shall be equally if not better than 2004!

Editors Note: The 40s story happened in 2003. In 2004, Fat Zac won and everyone thanked him for not shattering the 40s.

Famous Quotes and Trash Talk before F-Giving

“Alright now Linda

Linda you have to behave this year no trying to molest the poor
college student i have a g/f this time :-), anyway it will be good
to see all you alums again even though i only have a vague
drunkin/losing memory of most of you.”

Former freshman phil

current team is poppy-cock, true story

10:05 PM
you should start the thanksgiving banter

natural Joe 18:
i'm not sure its even worth it
i mean do they have a team?
rich and tom and frick
woo i'm scared
and phil
he is realllly good

oh shit, phil, i forgot about him, we gotta watch out now

natural Joe 18:
i know, i mean he might kill us with his wifebeater
and sneakers


Yeah you better watch out for me i have cleats this year!!! and i
can throw a flick. other then that yeah i still suck, but we have
some awesome freshman. so bring it you old folks and try not to
break i hip when you are chasing out young blood around the field.


I get sad when I read the trash talk from the young kids.


huh, sadness. i can see that. but i think my natural response is pity. i
really just feel sorry for them. it's like seeing one of those commercials
for starving kids in africa. i wish the current players had wit and
cleverness like i wish those poor people had food and water.

Yeah, that's the one. Highly recommended for you young'uns. Nothing like a haunted cemetery and a big 'ol bag of shrooms to get the adrenaline flowing. Might help ya'll have enough balls to make a decent standing against the alum this year. That's assuming you can run faster than some fat-ass Troy cop anyways.



You have misunderstood the awesomeness that is the current team. We (me and Seth) WILL DESTROY YOU ALL in the yacht race. See you all on the playing fields.

~The D

Vely crever mistah Dyer. Perhaps the 4 year slump in youngdoods
wit/frisbeeSkills has "turned the corner"? Or is it that even a blind squirrel
finds a nut once in a while? Time will tell.

I'd go into the ways that I would crush you in the yacht race, but I can't chug
beer for the life of me. It's just one of those quirky things. I can pound the
beers like a champ, but when dT gets too small, I just can't do it. Sorta like
how Mr. T is this big tough guy but is afraid of flying... i guess. Maybe if
someone puts drugs in my milk, I'll pass out and my team can just pour the beer
into my gullet. Hm... or I'll just have to house you in the fence pissing

We gotta come up with a new AWESOME game to add to our list of regulars....

We gotta come up with a new AWESOME game to add to
our list of regulars....

Speed pissing.

Chicks might have a slight advantage but i bet there
are some boys with large pee holes that could put up
some low numbers.
Matt Natale

How does one judge speed pissing? Is it judged based on volume and time?
The most amazing thing I've ever seen is the time Reed pissed for two minutes
straight, but I really can't say for sure how fast it was going. Wouldn't
that be a better game, anyway? Who can produce the longest continuous stream
of piss?

Sadly, I won't be able to make it this year.
But I must say, it's nice to read the younguns being
so optimistic... I bet I'll be able to hear their
dreams squashing all the way in Florida... above the
gale force winds.

Just so everyone knows, I am prepared to get wild. Mostly in part because
Craig is coming, and I'm willing to bet he is pretty "domesticated".
Actualy it is going to be pleasing to watch (I say watch because I will
still be vomiting from the previouse night), yet again "domesticated" old
doods house "wild wanna-bees" (yes, the same bees that are migrating from
Mexico and will be the end of American civilization) on the field and on
the drinking court.

Lets wake the beast!

-Pete "check out sporty spice" Hale

I don't know how, but I managed to completely forget this experience.
Thanks for the reminder tho, Jim. Good times.

Speaking of pee, I've got $20 for whoever can beat my continuous stream time
record of 2 min 12 sec. This followed 16 hrs of sleep which followed 5 cups
of coffee which followed 3 straight days being awake. All the stars were
aligned. Tate timed it (and even shook 'it' for me after), so it's
official. I'm convinced that no mere mortal can beat this record without
some crazy prep like having their penis stapled shut while killing six 40
oz'ers. Although, if you kill six 40 oz'ers (read: 3 rounds of edward
40-hands), i'll just give you the $20 (right after I take a piss on your
passed-out ass), regardless of how long you pee for.

Which brings me to my personal favorite RPI pee story. Happened while
riding back in the car from Vt w/ Tate and Sanda. Stop me if you've heard
this one before. We stop at the bell in Vt, and Rich picks up one of those
xl buckets of Dew. Like the overly responsible dad that I was, I tell him
that was a bad decision cuz now we're gonna have to stop for his annoying
pee breaks every 15 min. And like the pride-ful and immature bastard son
that he was, he responded saying that I don't have to worry about him, he'd
be fine w/o a pee break. So despite nearly killing ourselves on the
interstate, which had somehow managed to completely freeze up (Tate avoided
a multi-car collision by busting this ninja-type move, throwing the car into
a lower gear rather than hitting the breaks to slow lil' red down while
swerving out of the lane to avoid the collisions -- sick move, Tate!), I
manage to calmy sleep through the entire ~3hr trip. If I were an X-Men
character, I'd be the crazy narcoleptic... I think "Narco" would be a sweet
name for me. Anywho, back to the story. So I manage to sleep through 3hrs
of Rich's prideful yet pained ride home, without a single ounce of piss
leaving Rich's miniscule penis. Rich 1, Brandon 0. We finally pull into
Troy, and Rich sprints to the bathroom to pee. (Did he even make it to the
bathroom?) Only, he doesn't piss some enormous volume right then and there.
Instead he just manages to pee every 5-10 min for the next couple of
hours. Very weird. Even weirder, he insists that he's got the shakes. And
for the next week he tries to convince everyone that he's got "urine in the
bloodstream" from this experience, and how he hasn't been the same since.
Rich 1, Brandon 1. Indeed, I think it may be safe to say, Rich hasn't been
the same since.

So let that be a lesson to you youngsters. Don't let your pride get in the
way of your kidneys.

Cocaine is a terrible drug...
For me to poop on.


my favorite memory... my freshman year, telling my father that these are the
guys I'll be living with next year (vogel, tate, brandon, matt, rich, jim,
etc.) only to have some of them ask him to turn around so that they can see
who can pee highest on this little tree at skidmore... I do recall brandon
not even reaching the tree... hmmm... Amazing he let me move in. He must
not like me much.

steets, you retarded clown! you left out the most
important facet of that classic story. first, a couple

it wasn't just dew. i got a 44 oz dew and a 44 oz root

upon arriving back at campus, i only peed about 3 or 4
times. i was late for work study - site monitor - so i
went once at my dorm and then a couple more times over
at sage or some other building i used to know the name

and a couple additions...

i had to go really bad after only 10 minutes. hurt
quite a bit.

neither the driver nor the front seat passenger were
privy to the moment that "the pain went away," about 2
hours later. it felt like something broke inside me.
it scared me a little, but, you know, pride. at least
it didn't hurt anymore.

and the most important part:

none of the piss came out of my (monster) penis. every
drop of it came squirting out my ass. a perfect stream
as if from a penis - but from my ass. probably
reminiscent of what girls do. toilet check--not a drop
of sediment or a shade of color. and then i did it
again (at work study). and again.

and i definitely wasn't the same in the following
weeks. urine in the bloodstream is the reason they
won't let me donate anymore.

word, c u when, rich s

Hello, hello,

It's that time of the year again. That's right, it's time to plan our
annual F-bee Thanksgiving festivities!! If you think you are gonna
honor us with your presence this year, drop me an email. Also, let me
know if you are gonna bring a guest.
Mr. Tater, would you be interested in planning some Friday night
activities (i.e. yacht races, fence peeing, etc.), as well as dividing
up the team for Saturday games?

Can't wait to play on the winning team!!!


Ganz do I sense a bit of ass in you? You do realize that you are old now.
And being old you have overstepped your boundaries. Your cool level may
have been something of an interesting conversation topic before but now
when I think about it, its not unlike having a small mexican baby licking
my balls. So in conclusion yes frisbee may not be something my body is
particularily adept to, but drinking... ITS FUCKIN ON MY BITCHES!!!


PS Aww what a sweet mexican baby it is...

Did that make sense to anyone? Were we that incomprehensible when we were stuck in Troy? I'm pretty sure none of us were pedophiles anyways.


Hey all you Youngin’s
When I was your age, I played Frisbee 18 hours a day, up-hill, in the snow!! And we didn’t have fancy-pants plastic frisbee’s, we just had jagged metal hubcaps and discarded circular-saw blades. Soccer fields? HA! We used abandoned mine fields from the Great War, and we didn’t complain if someone got fowled or lost a leg.
So when we meet on the fields, we’ll see whose foot is half in the grave, and who will bury their opponent and play on top of their grave.



Due to a quite large number of people coming to Frisbee Thanksgiving
this year, we are gonna do things a little bit differently. We are
gonna have it catered at the upper part of Sage dining hall. Dinner
will start around 7 and go to about 9 or 10. The cost will be
$20/person + another $3/person if they let us have wine. Hopefully
the food will be good and everyone will be able to have dinner in the
same room. I'll probably try to collect money from people at some
point during the day.

Look forward to seeing everyone!!!


"in case" he misses friday night, neal says... PAH!

can someone tell me why i can only remember about 2 minutes worth (grand
total over many years) of neal being at thanksgiving's friday night
bash? could it be:

A. i'm always too busy making out with the ladies to notice. especially
other people's ladies.

B. i can only remember about 3 minutes worth (grand total over many years)
of anything at thanksgiving friday night bashes anyway, so 67% isn't bad.

or maybe it's:

C. neal is too much of a weenie to get disgustingly sloppy and risk getting
peed on.

neal. you pussy.

Hey everyone..

So the party friday night will be at 2233 14th Street. (We moved due to
a cock-sucking landlord who's son now inhabits the ex-Frisbee House.
Maybe we Tate can go piss on their front door, or better yet, into their
front window.) People are welcome to sleep either on our couches,
beer-soaked floors, or tables, or even climb into bed with a house
member of your choosing. People may also sleep over at Sean Frick's
house.. he lives about a block away on Hutton street. The couches,
floor, etc will be available on the first floor of his house. Bring
sleeping bags or blankets if you can. If you don't, either find a
frisbee house member's bedroom, just pass out and let the alcohol keep
you warm for the night.

If you have any questions let me know.


Despite Republican Victory, Bush Supporter Has Tiny, Tiny Penis

I love The Onion. Fuggin brilliant.

Anywhoo... the social events for this weekend
Saturday @ 12AM @ 2233 14th Street (aka "very late Friday night" for
any liberal arts majors in the audience) is an important time to
remember. We'll call it The Showdown At High Midnight. That's when the
yacht race goes down. Hopefully by that time the team lists will have
gone out FINK so people know where their allegiance
lies. The teams will square off and we'll be yachting for A) bragging
rights B) hairy chests & big boobs and C) a meaningless seed for pool
play on saturday. [Standard Yacht race rules apply. Once you stop
drinking (i.e. break the flow of beer) you HAVE to pass it to the
next person. First team to finish wins. First team to spike the pitcher
and break it is a dick.]

Also, thought the night on Friday... I'm very excited about this one,
as it's something that we've toyed with for years, but never put into
full competition... we're going to try out the Ping Pong Ball Wall Drop
Game. This game, while simple, will prove to be a litmus test to the
testicular & breasticular fortitude of all that is RPI Ultimate.
-There will be a wall
-There will be a ping pong ball
-There will be a player
-The player reaches up and releases the ball so it rolls down the wall.
The player must then stop the ball with their forehead. The score is
given as the distance from release point to stop point squared. There
will be 3 attempts and the attempts are added together. Player with the
highest cumulative score wins. All fouls are decided at the whim of the
crowd. A foul will result in a blown attempt.
-Stitches or broken nose = automatic win.

Saturday day is round robbin/olympics FINK and then the
game that i've waited all yawn for. I'm hoping for at least a forehand
from the young doods (that's the weird looking throw that looks cool
and attracts the chicks at the beach).

Saturday night is the CATERED feast (hot idea young doods, gotta give
you credit for that one). And Saturday night at some point, we will
again be playing Edward 40 hands. Either before or after the feast.
Maybe after. This is awesome. How 'bout no-one pusses out this time,
mmmkay? How 'bout I'm pissed that L.C. will not be there to "lick my
bottle" again.

This will rock. I have to go pick up Craig at the airport... YOU YOUNG

Brilliant attachment, good Doctor. The picture made me crap my shorts.
I remember the book fondly. You and all the others that can't make the
journey will be missed this year. We'll be sure to pour out the first
sip to our fallen homies... This is another sweet idea, which should
contribute to my goal of repeating the standing inch of beer in the
frisbee house kitchen.

Ping Pong Ball Wall Drop Game rules cont.
-any dented ball will result in a blown turn.
-other drinking rules as outlined in the rules will hold for all
immediate spectators of the game.

unfortunately - the frisbee house this year has a drain in the kitchen
floor for just this weekend... it leads to the heater. enough beer
down the drain and i'm sure the standing inch can be repeated

phil, i don't know what that was, but hey everyone,
thanks for making this past weekend awesome. i found
myself wishing yesterday evening that it was still
going on. thanks especially go to those that live at
the frisbee house - they actually offered
(unsolicited) to take us in for another night after we
defiled the place on friday - and to pete and meg,
caretakers of the "hornet's nest" (the place where old
doods retreat to after parties and emerge from (late)
for the next day's activities).
Rich Sanda

black by popular demand

Because the young doods came so close to kicking our asses this year,
and because Jim asked for it....

A delicious beginners veggie chili:
-two large cans Hunts tomato sauce (w/out any added spices 'n' shit)
-two cans black beans (drained)
-one can kidney beans (drained)
-one can chick peas (drained)
Veggies (all finely diced - smaller is better... that's the key, my
-one med onion
-2 carrots
-1 lg. zucchini or squash
-1 thinger of mushrooms (i'm lazy and I just throw in a package of the
sliced kind)
-4 cloves garlic
-3 peppers (usually 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green)
Other stuff
-1 pkg extra firm tofu cut into cubes
-2 habenero peppers (diced, make sure to get the seeds in, they hold
the hotness)
-brown sugar (start with 1/8 to 1/4 cup... modify if needed)
-2 envelopes chili seasoning
Throw everything uncooked into a big pot. Simmer on extra low heat for
as long as possible. It's fully warm in 1/2 an hour and peak taste hits
after a few hours (usually after you re-heat it the first time). The
best is to serve it in sourdough bread bowl w/plenty of cheddar/jack
cheese on top.

This chili will most likely be atomic (occasionally you get dud
habenero's though). If you're a pussy, cut down on the number peppers,
or use a milder variety. This is intended as a simple start only. If
you've never made it before, try it and then modify to taste. I'll
leave it as an exercise to the reader to expand upon this.

-Brown sugar subs: diced pineapples or apples
-Black eyed peas are good too
-red wine sometimes
-eggplant. Yum.
-adding a variety of hot peppers usually comes out way better than
being hot sauce using weenie
-a ton of roasted red peppers
-sun-dried tomatoes
-weird varieties of mushrooms
-mix cumin & chili powder & this & that instead of using spice envelope
-cinnamon sticks turned out pretty cool
-fuggin whatever dood, just try it out, lemme know if you stumble upon
anything cool.

Enjoy, suckas.

It still burns when I crap...

-seth (5 days after F-Giving Weekend)