Fgiving Turns 21


That's right, Fgiving is now a 4-day event now. DanD, Step, and other alums came to Trudge practice to share their wisdom. I welcome/encourage someone to fill in some details here about what went on as this would be an example of how beneficial Fgiving is and how we're not that terrible. Following this practice, some generous alumni donated a metal barrel or two to the house and a very fun game of Upside-down Margarita Shots began. Not sure if it was the tequila in our eyes or the beer that got us drunk, but it was fun walking into a human-powered catapulting tequila machine. Lowkey beer games turned into Bear riding a bike into the launch pad and subsequently wrestling Mitch until he stopped moving. After Ian was done doing his homework, this was the last confirmed time that he was sober the entire weekend. After things died down, the launch pad was turned into a slumber party with bodies sprawled over the lit fam room.


Trudge was suspended for the fall season for some inappropriate cheering ("Trudge, how do you feel?"), so F-giving was up in the air till the last moment. We had a party planned, but decided to scrap it and get back to the basics - booze and drinking games.


With a shockingly large turnout at Collins Circle, games happened and we played actual frisbee and competed in skillz competition that we all know and love. Blue team won or something. The alumni let the currents feel special by letting them experience a close game, but then proceeded to win. A few pictures with a few butts later, and the actual sports ceased. Ian was too drunk to get dressed prior to dinner. Almost immediately after the game (5pm, much earlier this year) was the traditional Fgiving dinner. The prizes this year were Super Trooper themed which was a mockery for the reason Trudge was in trouble. Max commenced the ceremony with "Trudge, how do you feel?" (credit: Smizzle). Award ceremony happened and was excellent - big thanks to all who organized. Upon returning to fhouse, the party began with the help of Cher, Phil Collins, and Mariah Carey Christmas music. Then, we taped malt liquor to our hands and some got inventive: Ryan (Skipper) (and Jstar?) championed the addition of maple syrup to 40s which was allegedly excellent and second only to Mio energy. An engineering approach and specifically placed harmonic oscillators (drunk men) were utilized to break the circular bifold table downstairs (Tibbers, Jmac, Russ, and shitbird).



Best Of GroupMe

Matt Lustbader: I'm very curious about your conversation with Allard. Can you tell us over groupme or would you rather tell us in person. Because I think I'd rather eat a disc than listen to you tell a story

Tim L: FYI active shooter at crossgates, heavy traffic on the way back
Max BigIron: At least they're active, big obesity problem in this country

Becca Ostman: We could also make 40 hands more environmentally friendly by reusing the empties as construction material.


Max BigIron: Did she vomit because sklar touched her?

Steve Calebrese: I slept hardest
Matt Lustbader: Slept with a current the hardest

Grandpoopah!: I feel great! Where are my pants?

Cylon changed name to Cylinder

Alex Wholey: I like how the only alum one of the rookies got a selfie with is @Roy!
Roy!: I'm all about that youth development!

Dan Donovan: @Big Mike - what did you score Sunday night?
Jeremy Kauffman: You won DanD relax

RussBus: Guys. Valentine's day conception = Fgiving baby. Let's leverage this to our advantage.

fatty fat dad fat cheeseburger: Leaving now
Max BigIron: Ok.
fatty fat dad fat cheeseburger: Whoops your not my wife