Year: 2002 7th Annual
Organizers: Vogel (Saturday), Tina (Dinner)
Locations: F-House 2233 14th St. (Friday and Saturday)
Friday Night Party: The Drunken Skilz and Dilz Competition!
Saturday Hat Games: ?
Saturday Skilz Competition:
Throw for Distance: Jon Fink (79), Tina Shields (62)
Throw Run Catch: Aaron Rowan (46), Nicole Kuskowski (24)
Accuracy: Mike Vogel (5), Nicole Kuskowski (2)
Overall: Aaron Rowan, Nicole Kuskowski
Saturday Alumni Challenge Game: Old Doods 15 – Currents 5

Seth’s Synopsis

2002 was a year of many firsts. Friday night held the first hat tourney drinking games for seeding. Also it was the first year of skillz competitions Saturday and I believe it was the first year Saturday was officially Edward 40 hands night. See below for some epic emails that started a lot of what we call tradition now. I missed all of Saturday due to tremendous hangoverness. Friday night was a little insane. The Alumni bought a Keg of Saranac and a keg of Hardwood Porter from Troy Pub, which I don’t think they make anymore. Lots of pee. In the morning the kitchen had about an inch of standing pee/beer. Nick Kane peed over a 6 foot high fence! And I’m pretty sure I saw Rich Sanda pee into his own hand then slap Steets in the face. Good times! Pp Thus endeth 2002.

Famous Quotes and Trash Talk before F-Giving

baby, realitys gonna come crashing down on you like so many drunken chungs.
i wont be there to protect you this time... oh yeah, thats right, its on.
and get one thing straight, my ass may not be playmate firm anymore but its
sure as hell hustler whorey and just as hairy as those "girls" in vogels
magazines. watch yourself punk


It has only been early more recently. A few years ago, someone got the
brilliant idea of entering an RPI alumni team in the RPI home tourny, so
they lumped all that together. Prior to that, it had always been later
(well, always since I started going). Anyway, I'm with Jim. Whenever Steets
can't make it.


Wow, this year's trudge thanksgiving tournament was especially fun. I sure am
glad I went. Here's a picture from the last game of Alumni vs whoever else
showed up. That's me in the middle about to stop drop that poor little weeny of
a current player onto what appears to be Jeff Chung and a bo-staff.

Adam Poulos

A Steeto Clinic for the young dudes? Nathanial PUH-LEASE. The only commitment on Steets' Friday night agenda is shivering naked in a pool of my urine after I drink him unconcious. So don't factor in any "Hey chums, now we know the basics of O and D!" into your we-can-win-this-year fantasy.


Ok for all of you younger kids who do not know who
Brandon Steets (aka Steeto) is and why he is willing
to help you out let me set the story and rumors
straight. Brandon graduated from RPI in the 90's and
he was a tough competitor who always strove to win and
would never quit. His no lose, nver say die attitude
is what drove him. The only thing holding him back was
the fact that he weighed about 200 pounds and his
ability to throw was almost as sub-par as his ability
to catch and read the disk. But even with these
limitations it did not damped his spirit and he played
in every game and sometimes for more than one point at
a time. He was the heart of the team, not quite like
the respect Mike Vogel commanded or how Jim Holmes
could capture the eyes of young unsuspecting
Frosh-women or Tate's ability to take a simple term
like 'would you like a piece of my gum' and make heads
turn, but more like Ruddy from Notre Dame.

So do not belive the rumors that he went from RPI to a
collge that went to nationals twice and one once or
that he plays on a team that won World's. Those are
all wonderful fantasies that we have let him foster
and tell to help him get through his daily life
working as a lifeguard in the southern Jersey Shore.

Matt Natale

So the current head count is circa 28 old doods/guests. Ha.

I really liked the format last year - breaking up into 4 teams for round

robin, then getting down to business with a current player vs. alumni game

(was there a freshman team last year? I tend to forget teams that don't

score any points...) Any other thoughts on this?

I dont really know what to say here. This is just hilarious. New Doods -

please picture my wiener getting chubbier and chubbier as I am picturing

your faces getting sadder and sadder as I list the alumni who are cuming

Tate "Allen" Allen (*) (#)

Mike "L.B." Vogel

Rich "Crazy Talk" Sanda

Mattnat Natale

Jim "Sherri" Buck

Sherri "Jim" Holmes

Steeto "That's fried rice, you plick!" Steets

Mike "I cant think of anything" Bower

Laura "Special K" K (*)

Moira "noying virus emails please" Shortel

Nick "The Citizen" Kane (*)

Shyu Box (*)

Pompass (&)

Have Fun Storming The Linda Casil

Hits Fromtha Wong

Benny G

Stupid Andy

Sideline "itshimitshimitshimitshim" Spaeth

Ms. Reed Conrad (*)

Up And Adam


"The PopTart" MegGeary

Sam "Can I Have Some Water" HopePeopleKickMyAssWell

the (*) denotes bringing more fodder to play on the freshman team

the (&) denotes people I'm going to try to get with

the (#) denotes the ability to pound. I'm going to pound you.

tom? fritz? chung? joe? what's up?

I guess all of you are all used to getting out-partied, out-trashed and out-played by now. And I guess that dread of defeat is probably seeping over into your daily lives. So much so that you've just got nothing left to say. Dont think that I would ever confuse your inabilities for some kind of Zen.

Jim, you suck.


This weekend Rich, Pete, and I went head to head with some Throw-Run-Catch. I dunno how many of you have done this, but it's seriously hours of fun. Especialy if you don't have many friends. The competition was fierce and I lost to Rich by a foot. The foot print measuring said foot is probably still there at Sebago Point Resort Beach if anyone wants to take a look. (What is today. Wednesday? Yeah, I think they've bronzed it by now.) I fully contend that given a grass field and cleats, I will spank his delicate hiney with devistating force and make him cry like a bitch with a skinned knee.

Vogel has also wanted to have a frisbee "skills" competition for some years now. I've always ignored him because... well, you know - "My name is Dr. Vogel. That's Dr. Vogel to you, ninny, and do you ever forget... blah-blah-blah-blah-blah." But his idea is starting to make sense. So start practicing 'cause we're gonna try to have this frisbee olympics if you will. I'm thinking between the round robin and the "big game", or "holiest of holies" if you will.

So the events will probably involve distance, accuracy, max time alloft, and throw run catch. Maybe we can even figure out a way to add the golf score from the previous night in there to find the perfect frisbee champion. We'll figure out something cool I'm sure. And I'm looking through thrift shops everywhere to find a trophy glorious enough to bestow upon the champion.

Note: there are special discs used for these events (and as a result, mind-boggling records). But if, like Spaeth, you attempt to use anything other than official RPI Ultimate Frisbee sanctioned 175gram Discraft Discs, you will be bun slammed.


SCF - Self Caught Flight is a disc field event that combines Maximun Time Aloft (MTA) and Throw Run and Catch (TRC). MTA measures the time a player's throw is in the air prior to it being caught cleanly with one hand and TRC measures the distance a player can throw a disc and catch the throw (also with one hand). The two events are combined by awarding a single sum of points based on a player's MTA and TRC performances. In each round, a single SCF score is determined by multiplying the player's MTA score by a factor of 5.5 (rounded to the nearest hundredth) and adding it to the players TRC score in meters. For example, a 10.05 second MTA, worth 55.28 points would be added to a 57.41 meter TRC performance for a SCF score of 112.69 points.


Matt Natale caught up with me at a game in Boston last week, and I'm
psyched to pull out my no-look reverse-spin full-field lefty scoober.

Peter Ungaro


So I was just talking to Vogel a bit ago and it came to our attention that
there might be lack of competition come next weekend. I know that we have
alumni come from far away and don?t want them to feel bad when they see that
this years team is the worst one yet. I was actually embarrassed to say I
played for RPI Ultimate. I think you can ask any alum how RPI ALWAYS handed
Union their ass. But I heard that last year you guys got your asses handed
to you by Union. I was even embarrassed to tell Neal when he asked how the
team was doing. From the emails that I?ve been getting, I don?t think that
this year?s team is much better.

Remember the good old days when Vogel was captain and everyone just happened
to be busy on Wednesday night, the night we didn?t really play ultimate but
did circuit training? Or the time that Neal ran practice and made that kid
puke? Back in the day everyone strived to be better. I remember Brandon
getting skied by that high school kid his senior year (then we threw him in
the mud) and then he went on to win nationals.

I predict a 15-1 victory for the Alums. It?s a joke to play them. I?m just
going up for the food. Because that?s stuff is always good.

Remember how much trash talk there used to be, about how the young dudes
were going to rip apart the alums? The reason for that was because we
believe that we could and that we almost did last thanksgiving dinner with
our seniors! (Then they graduated and the team went to s#!t) I think the
lack of trash is due to the fact that you guys have already bent over,
admitted defeat, because if you were confident in your skills and your
teammates, there should be tons of emails flying around. I shouldn?t be
this bored at work at this time of the year.


Mike Shyu

Be careful of the attached file-- be sure to scan it first with anti-virus
software because it may contain the malicious "Young-People-Suck-Ass"
Virus. If you open the file on your computer, you may notice the following
symptoms after the virus takes effect:

-- You may notice decreased CPU efficiency as all pathways are subject to
massive clogging
-- Your computer may turn over more often as the handware tries to catch
information and pass it on without the industry-standard two hands
-- You may notice that your computer is just always 'off'
-- The symptoms of the virus may increase in number because there is
absolutely no defense present
-- The only sign of an offense from your computer is an offensively bad
smell coming from it
-- Your computer may begin storing bogus information obtained from
unreliable sources
-- Your inbox may be flooded with stupid emails from undergrads that think
they're funny
-- You may be forced to observe the crappiest ultimate you've ever seen in
your lifetime

But don't despair! Upgrade your system today to Alumni Anti-Virus Sweeper
and enjoy these benefits:
-- Your system will run at maximum efficiency as all units operate like
-- All vital transfers will occur seamlessly with no possibility of loss
-- The system will always be on the offense to defend your computer and
shut out all future viruses
-- You can make little boys and girls cry


OOhhhhhh please don't let me suffer a keg of Saranac! Lets get the fancy pantsy
Troy Pub Sludge.

Well it's good shit but I don't care to see a caravan of buffoonish teenager
college kids puking it up on the front lawn.

Does Hoosick Bev have Motor City Beer (official beer of the United American Auto
Workers union) or some sort on sale. I say five cases of that (in cans) would
be splendid.

First drunken Frisbee skills event will be the "Shotgun run Shotgun relay"
competition. I'd like to see you pansy Troy Pub sluts compete in that one. Hey
Little Konig do you and your "simple" friends can pound and play? Hey pimple
face, the definition of beer practice is not: Repeating the mock act of
purchasing alcohol with a fake ID so as to minimize stuttering and shaking
during an in store purchase. I am even so drunk right now barely can compose
cohesive sentence.

Eat dilz.

Hale "bopped your girlfriend" Hale

"Alright alright alright"
So another Thanksgiving is upon us. Another year for the Alumni to sit back and admire how efficiently all of our hard work went straight down the shitter as we trounce yet another team of ham-fisted buffoons. But, because we alumni are the most creative and awesome sons of bitches to ever to spread our seed about sultry mother earth, we're creating some more competition here than just straight frisbee. Who knows, maybe some of you will even taste victory for the first time. Ha. Not bloody likely.
Here it is, as alluded to by the angry Scotsman's last email...
The Drunken Skilz and Dilz Competition - at the Frisbee House, Troy NY.
What better way to get fuggin pomped up for the games on Saturday than ensuring a hangover so massive, you're convinced your brain is starting to hemorrhage? There will be both individual and team events. Your team for the night is the same as your round robin team on Saturday (to be revealed shortly). Hopefully this will lead to some bitter rivalries and some downright unspirited play during the round robin.
(very) Loose Schedule
10:00 - Meet and Greet
10:45 - Yacht race
11:30 - Extreme Turtle-Style Drinking
12:15 - Shotgun Relay Race (prolly out on Anderson field)
1:00 - Frolf Tune-up

Individual Events
The Indian TreePee - Born at Skidmore circa 1997. The day that %90 of my "one time, when I was drunk..." stories come from. Throughout the night there will be a designated tree. The person who pees the furthest up the tree at any point in the night wins. Careful Steets, don't crap yourself this time. We'll probably have a magic marker out there to mark your accomplishment. We'll have a separate women's TreePee for those of you females daft enough to try that out. Mad props if you do.
Extreme Turtle Style Drinking - An opened can of beer is placed on the floor. First person to finish the beer without using their hands wins. Disqualification due to spilling/hand use will be decided at the whims of the observing crowd. We'll divide up into 8 even-ish pools. Winner of each pool goes into head-to-head competition in a single elimination bracket. I'm betting if the cops are called for noise, this will be why.
Frolf Tune-up - The title of "Undisputed Champion of the Universe Until Next Thanksgiving When the Title Is Up For Grabs Again (Obviously)" will be up for grabs on Saturday, November 9th 2002. Make sure you game is top notch with this practice round in on Friday night.
Team Events
Yacht Race - Two bitter teams line up facing each other. 1 pitcher of beer is given to the first person in each line. When "start" is called, the first person drinks from the pitcher (as much/little as you want) and then passes it to the next person. The pitcher has to move down the line consecutively with each person taking at least some. Each person can only touch the pitcher once. First team to finish the pitcher wins.
The Shotgun Relay Race - Two teams line up (bitter of course). First person pounds cup and runs to cone. Pick up baseball bat and do 5 "spinners" (forehead on bat, running around it). Then throw frisbees at another cone placed 7 yds away until it is knocked over (or until they've thrown 5 frisbees). Run back to line and tag the next person.

Clarification on Extreme Turtle-Style drinking: it's not just hands that are O.B., but any part of the arm beyond the elbow. Again, you will be judged on the spot by your drunken peers. Did you know it's imposible to lick your elbow?


Funny you mention that...
I plan on running into Ollie this coming weekend. I should ask him to
whip up a bunch. Although, to warn you, the last batch I had, on a
visit back to campus a while back, was neon ectoplasm green, and was
intended to be diluted with 50% water. I drank it straight, during
some educations drinking games with novices, and chased the Ollie
specials with a pitcher of beer and a night at the Ruck (or whatever
that bars name is now).

I was told the next day, after waking up in a strange apartment
downtown (clothes on at least), that I had been quite entertaining
the night before, booting all over the side of a nice girls new white
BMW on the ride downtown, socializing with total strangers at the
bar, fighting with a posse of fraternity brothers, booting all over
the rear exit of said bar, all while cursing like a sailor. All this
was news to me that next morning.

Now, I have experience with Ollies specials, and that happend to me.
We don't want to have any freshman get their insides inspected at the
hospital. So I recommend the the Ollie special just go down in
infamy, as well as the great parties that produced them. Truly an
end of an era.

Nick Kane

Pubic Service Announcement

Hey, I heard this on the news of a Boston area radio
station this morning:

Some guy in Troy NY is "fixing" electric razors to
blow up in people's faces, and then leaving them
around so people would take and use them. He'd fuck
with the wires so they'd burn through, then fill the
thing with gunpowder. He's gotten two people. One
guy found one in the bathroom of the mcdonalds up on
hoosick street. So if at any time this week you see a
random electric razor lying around and you think,
"Hey, free electric razor! This must be my lucky
day!" Think again.

This has RPI written all over it.
Jim Holmes

Yes, Jim, you brandon and I were freshmen starters 8 years ago. You
had a football backround, and loved to run for the endzone with or
without the disc, Steets couldn't throw a forehand if his life
depended on it, so by default I became the "freshman phenom." Times
have changed, but for the most part your right about me, disc first,
body second. As for you and steets, the tide turned quite a while
ago, and you both surpassed me. I think if there was another article
ever written about me, it would have called me the sophomore ghost!
I popped up for a tournemant or two here and there, an RPI hosted
event now and then. But for the most part just vanished. I still
could inspire a little awe everynow and then, but only because the
expectations were so low from the new faces on the team.

Enough daydreaming about what was, now for what will be.
I envision tate, with a mouthful of disc and a pile of broken teeth ,
on his back, mumbling something to the effect of "I can't believe
Nick skied me, and Steets hit me with a hammer" but it will sound
more like the wimpering of a beaten redheaded stepchild calling for
the mother he never knew! To witness that moment, I shall stop at
nothing to get to Troy. I won't pitstop at any McDonalds' and I
defintly won't shave with an electric razor.

Nick Kane

I wanted to write a quick thank you note to all who helped organized events
for this past weekend. Tina, Adam and the other chefs. Fink and the other
house cleaners (my apologies especially to you for the beer and "other"
stains... not that I had anything at all to do with that). Voge, Tate and
the other event organizers. Your work was very much appreciated, and the
weekend was awesome because of you.

And thanks again to everyone who took the time to make it out for the
weekend. We really have a very unique tradition. Sure we may not have won
any championships, but our team is pretty rare nonetheless. I've come
across many ultimate programs throughout my years playing the sport, and
very few have maintained the traditions and alumni connections that we have.
We've got a tight knit group of guys and gals, and they're obviously
dedicated to maintaining those connections and traditions. That's something
pretty special. (Some of you younger players won't come to realize this for
a few more years, once you've become assimilated into the alumni crowd; and
that's fine, enjoy the college experience now while you can.)

We have a very fun team, and a very awesome tradition that's been sustained
well. And that's something to be thankful for around this time of year.

Good times.

I think the scores were as follows
100 pts. to Steets for peeing on the floor... and the wall... and Rich
500 pts. to Rich for rubbing the pee back in Steets face... attempting to pee out the window of a moving vehicle.. and "winning" the party with a beautiful 8:15am boot.
1,000 pts. to Nick "The Citizen" Cane for making chumps out of the lot of us and peeing OVER a 6 foot tall fence. That kid has the most increadible urine control I've ever seen.
... hmmm an awful lot of this has to do with pee... weird.
oh... and 10,000 pts. to Vogel for letting us all give him a golden shower.

you forgot:

5000 points to vogel for making out with 90% of the women at the party
10000 points to tate for making out with 90% of the men at the party

the pictures are classic.