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Hole # Par Start Finish Record Recordholder(s)
1 3 Quad archway (at midnight) Tree next to light thats up the walkway 1 I'm sure someone's hit this in one, I just don't know who
2 3 Steps that face Sage and are located near the big staircase next to the 87 Gym Lamppost at the top of the stairs near Sage 2 Grin, Andrew, DanD
3 4 Tree on small hill next to Sage Furthest lamppost on little island in front of 87 Gym 2 Grin. Frick?
4 3 Island in front of 87 Gym No Parking sign past the 86 field and next to shuttle stop by the DCC 2 Grin, Yoon, Andrew, DanD
5 4 Manhole cover near shuttle bus stop (no run-up) Right door of Greene building 2 Grin
6 3 Under the bridge near hole 5 end (don't cross the line where the rocks end) Lamppost closest to Troy building (but not the one on the stairs, the one a bit to the left if you face the entrance) 2 Jimmy, Zac (x2), DanD, Cylon, Grin
7 4 Corner of sidewalk outside Troy building Clock on Sage lawn 2 Grin
8 4 Manhole near clock (down the path that leads towards Amos Eaton. no run-up) Lamppost near library in the valley between library and Amos Eaton 2 Grin
9 3 Small area near hole 8 end. Stay behind the tree (you have to throw around it) Emergency light in front of the library at the top of the ramp that comes from the concentric circles and points to the library 2 DanD, Steve
10 3 Out the first gap on ramp from Folsom to Amos Eaton Land it on top of the top concentric circle 2 DanD, Steps, Cylon
11 3 Standing on the top concentric circle Wind sculpture (the rectangular base doesn't count) 2 DanD
12 3 wind sculpture yellow message board on the right side of Eaton 2?
13 3 From the top of the hill by Eaton door in a stair well on the side of Carnegie 2?
14 4 One foot touching the door that's in the below ground level on the north side of Carnegie Light post at the top of the big staircase that comes up from West Hall towards the garden behind Sage 3?
15 3 Standing on the big rock in the garden Lamppost at the northeast corner of the pit of rocks northeast of walker 2
16 3 One foot on the grate outside the door on the west side of Sage Hit on top of the circular pedestal in front of Sage 2?
17 4 Top of where the stairs used to be that lead down from the wind sculpture to the 86 Field Plaque on the side of the JEC (in the small alcove) 3
18 4 Northeast corner of the walkway near the JEC The large flagpole near the Quad 2 or 3?
19 (Tiebreaker) Lowest score wins Near the flag ATMs inside union